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  • 101 Dalmatians Cartoons Exclusive Collection 90 mins 101 Dalmatians cartoon is based on three puppies in a farm, first Lucky who is expert, leader, and hero, second Rolly who is fat, loyal and always hungry brother, finally Cadpig who is their sister. The three siblings are often play around with a chicken called Spot who…

  • Dogs of Hell is a 1982 horror/thriller film produced and starred by Earl Owensby that was originally called “Rottweiler” when it was released in 3D for theaters. Rottweiler would eventually be released on VHS by various distributors in non-3D form as Dogs of Hell. The U.S. Military has bred and trained several Rottweilers to be…

  • el video dos y otros videos de casi una hora en estos links saludos

  • Как сделать оригами Добермана Пинчера, Origami Dog Doberman Pinscher Бумага – обычная офисная, форматом А3 (297 мм на 297 мм), плотность 80 г/м2

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